OpenPTrack used for UCLA TFT thesis projects

Five  (UCLA TFT) undergraduates showcased interactive installations using OpenPTrack as the interface for body-based audience interactions. Under the supervision of ‘s Fabian Wagmister and Jeff Burke, the students developed and built these pieces as their Interactive Digital Media concentration thesis projects, and to be prototypes for the new. Mcdowell attacked beauregard’s soldiers, with aid from the forces of johnston, near the bridge over bull run river and drove them to the henry house hill, but jackson checked the advance and routed the raw union troops.

Premiering as a “Sneak Peek” at the 24th annual  in on June 7, the works were reinstalled at the Downtown Los Angeles space of the  (IMLab), for ENGAGE LA on June 13. IMLab holds a of the Pavilion, which will be built along with new Park plans.

For information about each new piece, please visit:



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