OpenPTrack Installed at cheLA in Buenos Aires, Argentina

OpenPTrack has been installed at cheLA in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A center for the interpretive merging of arts, culture, technology and community, cheLA is a long-time partner of UCLA REMAP. Their continued collaboration and this semi-permanent deployment equips educators, researchers, designers, and artists working across disciplines with an interface for body-based, human-computer interaction. UCLA REMAP Executive Director Jeff Burke presented the installation and OpenPTrack, now optimized to operate on the NVIDIA Jetson TK1 and TX1, on March 31, 2016 (pictures below). 

Previously, in September 2015, UCLA REMAP Project Manager Randy Illum presented OpenPTrack at cheLA, with a demo of a portable deployment. cheLA staff members and resident artists and students from the University of Buenos Aires were able to play and experiment with OpenPTrack.



(Click any image for a larger view.)

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