OpenPTrack Enabling Interaction with Argentinian Wetlands

OpenPTrack is now being used for Esteros del Ibera (EDI), an interactive installation in Buenos Aires that allows groups of visitors to explore the landscape of the protected Ibera Wetlands in northwest Argentina. A collaboration between UCLA REMAP and cheLA, EDI was built at cheLA’s complex and has been installed at Tecnopolis, the largest exhibition center in Latin America for science, technology, industry and art. It premiered August 8, 2016.

With five Kinects (Version 2) and six Lenovo Z70 laptops, OpenPTrack enables EDI’s visitors to play through the lenses of individual animals. As individuals move around the space, their perspectives follow as if moving through nature. When an entire group of visitors is standing still, a kaleidoscope of images presents every option of animal from which to choose. As soon as a person moves, the perspectives of the chosen animals resume.


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